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interlace audio

About Interlace Audio

portland skyline

Interlace Audio is the alliance between two recording studios located in Portland, Oregon. The original Interlace Audio was founded by Kris Crummett in 2002 at it's first location in Hillsboro, OR. This extremely small, but beloved studio gave birth to a plethora of records between 2002 and 2008. In 2009 Kris moved Interlace to a larger, preexisting multi-studio facility in North Portland and joined forces with Stephan Hawkes to create two completely independent, fully functioning recording studio's under one roof. Driven by the ever growing urge to build a custom recording studio from the ground up, Kris relocated again to the third and final location of Interlace Audio in 2013, while Stephan took over the N Portland location and assumed the name Interlace North.